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Sharon-isms & Food For Thought

Nutrition Powerhouse – Broccoli

This uber popular vegetable has a wide variety of medicinal benefits including the ability to prevent many types of cancers; it’s especially supportive against breast and uterine cancers as it helps the body eliminate excess [...]

Healthy Sweet Treat!

Slow Cooker Baked Apples 7 ingredients  -  2 hours  -  4 serving   Ingredients ¼ cup      Apple Cider Vinegar ¼ cup     Water 1 tbsp     Maple Syrup (divided) ¾ cup     Granola 1 tbsp     Coconut Oil (melted) [...]

Need A New Dinner Idea? You’ve Gotta Try This…

My girl Brittany came in a few weeks back raving about a recipe she tried with her family and shared it with me. Hubby Bruce & I tried it, oh my goodness, SO good! I've [...]

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Picky Eaters? Tips & Tricks To Help!

Why on earth can kids develop such a special dislike for nutritious foods?!? You’ve raised them on good food, so why now? It all seems to be quite a phenomenon… We all want our children [...]

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Make Your Best Sourdough, Ever!

Who hasn’t been to Heritage Park bakery and had their amazing sourdough bread, or San Francisco on the wharf and had those amazing sourdoughs? Yummm!! I have been making sourdough for about 1 year now [...]

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