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You Want To Feel Better

Hi! I’m Sharon.

I really get when you say that you want to feel better, more like you used to.

You want help figuring things out, would like a bit of support through it all and, on top of that, you want to eat well and enjoy foods again.

I can help. Would love to get you on the right track.

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Sharon-isms!  &  Food For Thought

Client Experience*

I just wanted to write you a note to let you know how thankful I am for your service. Booking an appointment with you has been the best decision for my health and well being. I love the thoroughness of your consultation and believe I learned so much about my body because of your help and guidance. I also appreciate your approach which is gentle. I also really like how you empowered both myself and my daughter in our nutritional choices and helped both of us understand the different components of our nutritional needs. I look forward to working with you on an ongoing basis and would not hesitate to recommend your services.

Treena B, Calgary AB

SOOOO happy I found Sharon! She is not only a wonderful coach, but a wonderful friend too. You can only leave your time with her feeling refreshed, renergized and confident. Love you Sharon! xoxo

Mallory S, Calgary AB

Last night I thanked someone who helped me in 4 appts. But it is actually YOU who I should thank. You recommended a treatment to possibly try and I did. Sharon Wright you have done so much for me in these past 2 years. I now have a healthy stomach. I think more of what foods I want to eat. All your recommendations of supplements has worked and all this has made me feel awesome. I can never thank you enough and would highly recommend you to anyone!! Thanks so much. 

Barb B, Calgary AB

I want to thank you publicly for the transformational work that you have done on this big project named “Andrew.” When we met, I was in a traumatic state; you recognized my distress and started gently with your excellent bio-feedback and nutritional support. In addition to helping me lose 24 pounds in 5 months WITHOUT FEELING DEPRIVED, my weight is now very stable in a narrow and healthy range. I no longer have cravings for anything that isn’t healthy. Best of all, my sweet tooth is gone…after 45 years! Your wise advice and support have been a key part of a complete re-birth for me, thanks largely to you identifying a key spiritual/psychological block that was hiding deep inside my body and soul. This was a key turning point for me, and now I am on a wonderful, smoothly accelerating and calm path of increasing health, wealth and happiness. Working with you has been an essential part of literally changing my life for the better, on so many levels. My family, clients and I are extremely grateful to have you guiding me on my journey. Thank you.

Andrew H. Ruhland CFP CIM President & Founder of Integrated Wealth Management, Calgary AB

I highly recommend Sharon Wright. She is one of the most caring health care practitioners I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. She cares deeply about her clients. The feedback that I have received from Sharon about my health has been highly accurate and consistent with information provided by other health care workers, including my physician, my naturopathic doctor, and an iridologist. In one session, she was able to help an illness that was developing even before I was aware of it. Instead of it lasting for a couple of weeks, it came and went within a day.

Joan B, Calgary AB

It has been absolutely wonderful working with you on my health challenges! The knowledge you possess about nutrition and the tools you use, such as biofeedback, has helped me have a much better control over my eczema and keeping those winter colds and flus at bay. In addition to being my own nutritionist and biofeedback therapist, you have also been my patients’ therapist. They have given me only the best feedback regarding your care. In fact, I remember at least a couple of them raving about you and your service. So thank you Sharon, for your big heart and for taking care of my patients and myself with the amount of care and diligence that you do.

Dr F Lee, Edmonton AB

Several weeks ago I made an appointment with Sharon to explore the Biofeedback instrument she has been telling us about every week. What a pleasant surprise for me. Our appointment was very friendly yet professional and I felt warmly taken care of by Sharon. Using nutrition as a means to better health is not unfamiliar to me, so getting this reinforced professionally from Sharon was an extremely positive experience. I was most impressed by the fact that Sharon treats every client on an individual basis because we are just that – individuals with different needs. I plan on following up with Sharon and have used her advice. My husband is now also looking forward to booking his appointment with Sharon. I would highly recommend Sharon for anyone looking to explore better health and body function. Feeling great – thanks to you.

Rhonda O, Calgary AB

I would like to thank Sharon for spending the time with me to go through the biofeedback process. I found Sharon to be very knowledgeable in her field, especially with the realm of food as nutrition. During the process, I discovered some of the foods I’ve been eating do not agree with me. Once the computer did its thing, Sharon takes the information and turns it in to something you can understand and use it throughout your life. It really makes you stop and think about what you’re putting in your body and how your body uses it or doesn’t. I want to thank Sharon for giving me a new perspective on what I’m putting into my body and how better to select foods and drinks, that work for ME! Thanks again Sharon and I will not hesitate to recommend your services.

Derek S, Calgary AB

I met with Sharon and was impressed with the professional set up of her office. It was warm and the shelves displayed her knowledge and training as a nutritionist as well as a biofeedback practitioner. I have been receiving biofeedback treatments from another source on a fairly regular basis for over one year and I found a distinct difference in receiving biofeedback from Sharon. Her ability to combine her nutritional knowledge with the biofeedback is exceptional. I followed her recommendations and within a few days I began feeling the difference in my entire body. I will be recommending Sharon’s services to everybody I encounter who is looking to improve their health.

Claude P, Calgary AB

It is my pleasure to recommend Sharon Wright of Sharnegetic as a Biofeedback Specialist. I have worked with a naturopath and an iridologist, as well as a medical doctor, and found Sharon’s information to be accurate and completely in agreement with the work of these other specialists. In addition, Sharon did one session with one of my dogs. She was uncannily accurate in her ability to describe his issues. It is with complete confidence that I recommend Sharon as a Biofeedback Specialist.

Joan B, Calgary AB

Last week, I went to see Sharon at her office to talk about improving on my sleep patterns though diet to compliment my work done with a specialist. After an interview about habits, Sharon hooked me up to her biofeedback device to take a look at what’s happening “below the skin”, so to speak. While the machine did it’s thing, we talked at length about the things that I can do to balance out my diet. In the end, she gave me a handful of things to start right away, and followed up shortly with a nice document of things to to to make the improvements I asked after. The list is fairly long, and might seem daunting, but the beauty of the whole thing is that I can take bits here and there and slowly add stuff to my routine and still benefit! Even one thing each day from the list would have its own benefit. So far, I’ve only applied a small part of what Sharon gave me, and already I can feel the shift starting. I look forward to getting the whole plan in place, and will happily recommend Sharon!

Dave W, Calgary AB

Warm, welcoming, honest and a true testament to the field. I went to see her when I first moved to Calgary and I contribute my growing passion for alternative health and holistic nutrition to my sessions with her.

Kathy G, Calgary, AB

Sharon (Sharnegetic) helped me discover the inner workings of my body like nothing I’d experienced before. She guided me to nutrition and self care tools specific to me and therefore I know I have a healthy future with her as part of my Team. It is truly refreshing to have guidance in choosing simple, natural nutritional adjustments that have such profound effects on my health. Not only have I received many benefits, but I’ve also recommended family members and friends to Sharon who have also experienced noticeable improvements in the state of their health. Thank you Sharon, for what you do!

Petra R, Calgary AB

Trauma!! Who knew a fall could result in two injured knees, a sprained ankle and a broken wrist. Thanks to Sharon and biofeedback my recovery was rapid and comprehensive. I believe it is so important to address all sides of an issue, physical, mental, nutritional and spiritual and that energy work is key. As a Physiotherapist I understand the electrical nature of human beings and so was open to biofeedback being part of my treatment plan. Sharon’s knowledge, compassion and humor were also invaluable. So, four months after the accident I continue to see Sharon every two weeks in order to support my health and ensure I end up better than I was before the event.

Janet L, Calgary AB

Sharon and biofeedback had me up and walking on a severely sprained ankle that was recommended for a cast in just a few days. The pain elimination and increased rate of healing was remarkable. I have recommended Sharnegetic to several family, friends and work associates.

Gerald K, Calgary AB

I personally like to get the “10,000 point” inspection to see where I’m at and have referred many friends to try out biofeedback and they have had some amazing results. Sharon and Quantum Biofeedback has helped me perform beyond my best during competition.

Bruce W, Calgary AB

Good morning Sharon! Thank you so much for your kindness, compassion and all your knowledge yesterday!!! I played with my supper and made something new…Thank you again. Can not wait till I see you again. I am full of excitement and do not want to forget this feeling. Love & Light.

Terri S, Calgary AB

I was a bit hesitant before trying (Sharon’s) 7 day sugar-free challenge program. I had been mindful these past few weeks of my food intake and had been regularly exercising. Unfortunately, the weight just wouldn’t come off. Within the first week of the 7 day sugar-free challenge program, I have lost 4 pounds and feel amazing. Not only do I feel more energized but I also feel more calm/level headed, without the sugar cravings. Although the week is over, I continue to mix and match these recipes which are easy to make and tasteful.

Melanie C, Calgary AB

Hi Sharon! What a coincidence! I was just thinking about you! You were a professional that impacted my life – I still remember some things you taught me!
We moved and one day I’ll contact you to have a from distance consultation? Thanks for being awesome!

Carla F, Vancouver BC

*  Individual results may vary