Beat Summer Thirst

My Favorite 3 Solutions

Are you feeling thirsty? We all know that have to take extra steps to stay hydrated, especially when it’s hot out. Here are a few my favorite ways to beating summer thirst.

Tip #1  Lemon slices:

I always have organic lemons at home. Add a couple of slices of lemon to tall glass of water, or in to your water bottle for on the go. So refreshing! No added sugar required.

Tip #2  Eat your water:

Those delicious summer fruits not only make a fabulous snack, they have a high water content perfectly designed to help fend off dehydration. Watermelon anyone?!?

Tip #3  Coconut water:

Directly from nature, coconut water is naturally sweet, nutrient rich and full of important electrolytes that we need to take extra care in replacing after exercise or a day in the sun.


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Hello! I'm Sharon Wright... Nutrition & Wellness Expert in Calgary, Canada. My passion is helping you feel better. With great foods and healthy habits I can help you find the energy and happiness for work, life and play.