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Sharon-isms & Food For Thought

All Things Green For St. Patty’s Day

Green Smoothie Muffins 9 ingredients  |  25 minutes  |  12 servings   Ingredients 2 cups            Rolled oats 2½ cups        Baby spinach 2            [...]

Fats Are In, Sugar Is Out

Pretty much every person on the planet knоwѕ about thе dangers of sugar over consumption. Yet having said that, most people simply don't realize how much sugar they actually consume every day.   Thе truth [...]

Join My Sugar-Free Challenge

Do you have any big plans for next week?!?       Nutritionally speaking that is...    Would you like a nice, little healthy boost to your eating habits? YES??! Then come join my 1-week [...]

After Your Workout… Chocolate Milk?

You take some time to kick back and enjoy a favourite TV show... The commercials come on... There's an ad telling us that chocolate milk is an exercise recovery super drink! That after a workout we should refuel with chocolate milk.   [...]

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Why I Drink Bone Broth, Every Day

There are foods that rob us of energy. Then there are super foods that nourish our bodies and have healing properties! Bone broth is one of my highest super food recommendations to my clients. "Bone broth used [...]

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Don’t Overlook THIS Nutrient

Folate is a B-Vitamin that is naturally present in many foods. This vitamin is water-soluble, meaning that the body doesn’t store it so we need to get a nice, constant supply from our foods. Folate [...]

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