Flowers Make A Difference


Judging from the smile on someone’s face when they receive flowers, it’s plain to see they have a positive effect on our lives. They provide us with a chance to say “I care“, “you are loved“, “I am thinking of you“. A simple gift of flowers makes people happy and gives them a chance to express and feel gratitude. It provides an opportunity for contact with friends and family. Giving flowers brings people closer and has a lasting effect in our lives. It can alleviate depression and anxiety and give one a greater sense of satisfaction in life.

Flowers delivered to a workplace have a positive effect there and the benefits are shared by all in the workplace. Flowers received at home not only bring us joy, they make friends and family who visit feel welcome. It’s a gift that keeps on giving – it has a ripple effect and impacts the emotional well-being of more people than you realize.

All these positive effects are a simple difference you make in your life and the lives of others. Sending flowers is always a good idea but imagine the benefits of giving yourself flowers! It is easy to treat yourself and it doesn’t have to cost a lot. It’s spring and tulips are readily available at a low cost.

Pick up some today, smile and think about all they can do to make life a little brighter for everyone!

Paul Jaras AIFD

Paul Jaras AIFD


Source: Grower Direct, SAF (Society of American Florists)

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