Is Food… Inconvenient?!?

I remember as a young girl my Grandma telling me that time goes by faster the older you get. (Hey, I’m not that old yet!!) Its true, the days seem to fly by faster and faster each year.

We have cool inventions and amazing technology designed to make life easier, yet our lives have become more complicated through trying to accomplish more within a 24 hour time span. We have a million (or two) things to do, deadlines to meet, places to be, errands to run, kids to get here and there, and then we try to fit in a little exercise plus get in a little downtime before bed… whew!

We have to let some things slip to fit all this in, and the two biggies that make the top of the list are #1 making meals and/or sitting to eat and #2 getting enough sleep.

Who’s got the time to sit and eat? Let alone cook!

We have to take in nourishment, expel waste and inhale enough oxygen to keep our cells from dying. Everything else is optional.

– Sheldon, Big Bang Theory


Everything Else Is Optional

Consider the Rule Of Three. We can only survive for about:

  • 3 minutes (give or take) without breathing
  • 3 or so days without water
  • 3-ish weeks without food (not a happy few weeks either).

We can also have some pretty serious issues in short order from sleep deprivation.

I’ve never heard of anyone dying from a missed deadline at work! Or from not catching up on email or surfing the net. Or from not climbing the corporate ladder. Or… okay you get the idea! So everything else is truly optional, from that perspective. Of course we need to make money to live and to do the things we enjoy.

My question is this – in our quest to accomplish more, are we getting further away from the things that support good health? For the majority of people, the answer is yes. We have to eat, so we’ve made food fast, easy to get and cheap.


Faster Food

Did you know that in the 70’s it was extremely rare to see anyone eating in public? People ate meals at home and as a family. That’s really not all that long ago, now we see food and people eating food at every turn.

In this day and age, we have designed ways to make food very easily available and to have an extraordinarily long shelf life. To do this though, we have compromised the quality of our food. We’ve added in chemicals and additives and preservatives that have a negative effect on our health.

Some methods of preserving foods have been used for centuries – through fermentation, dehydration, pickling, salting, etc. With the advent of processed foods in the second half of the 20th century, additives have been introduced, of both natural and artificial origin. These additives have induced allergic reactions, been linked to cancer, asthma and birth defects. Not good.

Let’s try to get back to the foods that nature gave us, and taking a little time to enjoy them.


Where To Start

It is my belief that one of THE best things we can do for health is to take a little time for making your own meals. Its unrealistic to begin to think doing this every day, however, making foods a main focus of one day of the week will make a huge difference at the end of a year. So start there. Change is never easy, but when you put a little effort in, things get easier and become second nature.


My Top 3 Tips

  1. Make one day your cooking day. Besides, that way you only have one big mess to clean up! Cook up a bunch of meals, portion them out and freeze. If you run out of containers, freezer bags work terrific and take up far less space in your freezer. You’ll always have great food on hand that’s quick to heat up. Now that’s fast food!
  2. Do one thing at a time and just eat. In other words, take the time to sit and eat your food. Don’t try to work on the computer while your munching on that sandwich, or watch TV while eating  your eating dinner.
  3. Make it a date or family affair. Choose an exciting new (or old favorite) recipe, then plan an evening or day of the weekend where you go out together to the shops or your local farmer’s market for the ingredients. Everyone can be involved in picking out beautiful fresh foods. Then cook and eat that meal together!


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