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I have worked with Sharon many times over the past 5 years and she has taught me how important it is to be conscious of what I put IN my body.  I want to be healthy and strong for myself and my family – to do activities with my husband and kids for many years to come.  I love trying out and creating new recipes and sharing with friends and family.  Organically grown food is a great option when it’s available and not crazy expensive and eating clean with minimally processed foods really speaks to us.


I have 2 kids, a boy (7) and a girl (12), and my daughter has started to get interested in a skin care routine and is curious about makeup.  So it seemed like a natural progression to start looking in to what my family puts ON their bodies.


At Christmas, I discovered Beautycounter.  Beautycounter’s is a skin-care, body-care and makeup company whose mission is to get safer products into everyone’s hands. They believe that products can be beautiful, effective, AND safe.  They have over 1500 questionable ingredients that they NEVER use.  Here’s a great introduction to it:  YouTube Video – Beautycounter: We All Deserve Better


Beautycounter believes in education, advocacy and a better and safer product.  They want people to look to their everyday personal care products and see what’s in them.  And then compare that to the list of what Beautycounter will NEVER use in their products.  They also lobby the government to make legislative change so the personal care products are safer.


By the time most people leave the house, they have about 15-20 products on them and each of them usually has a list of ingredients a mile long.  From the shower (shampoo, conditioner, soap), to the make-up or shaving products, to hair spray and deodorant.


By just switching out 1 or 2 products, you would be reducing the total load on your body.

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Hello! I'm Sharon Wright... Nutrition & Wellness Expert in Calgary, Canada. My passion is helping you feel better. With great foods and healthy habits I can help you find the energy and happiness for work, life and play.