My Favorite Tactic To Managing Sweets

November 1st…
It’s the day after Halloween
The day after all those cute, tiny candies have been released into the world

You might have them leftover at home. They’re mysteriously appearing in your lunch room. They’re probably in your coworker’s desk drawer. They’re going on sale at the shops. They are everywhere!

It’s perfectly fine to enjoy a little bit of something sweet every now and then. Though I do find that, especially with Halloween candy, one always leads to another! They are so small, we seem to so easily justify having another one. Am I right!?!

So what’s your plan – other than sheer willpower – to avoid overindulging?

One of my favorite tactics is to taste  something else that has a bold flavor. Try nibbling on something spicy, or something that that a strong flavor such as a dill pickle or pickled onions, a strong mint can also do the trick (and probably a good idea if you had the onion).

A completely different flavor can help you fight off the craving for the sweet.

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