My Top 10 Detox Foods

Detoxing… it’s simply about flooding the body with good things while helping it displace the bad.


To get you started, here are my top 10 detox foods of all time!




Every good detox program will include garlic as a crucial piece of the process. The reason is that garlic boosts your immune system as well as helps out the liver. Garlic also adds amazing flavor to meals.



Rich in those beautiful good fats, avocodos are health supportive. They also have a good fiber content and are rich in antioxidants.



There are many benefits to beets, they truly are a super food. When you detox, beets help ensure that the toxins you’re working on eliminating actually out make it out of your body. Many detox programs go wrong when toxins are reintroduced to the body because they aren’t properly eliminated.



Artichokes help the liver function which in turn will help your body rid toxins. They are rich in fiber, protein, magnesium, folate and potassium. It’s simply a great food to add to your diet in order to stay healthy.


Green Tea

Green tea is a great addition to any detox program because of its high antioxidant value. This is a great beverage to drink on a daily basis for this reason alone. Substitute green tea for pop, juice or other sugary bevy so that you can benefit your body from a drink, instead of hurting it.



Asparagus not only helps to detoxify the body, they also have anti-aging properties, protect from cancer, help your heart stay healthy and are a good anti-inflammatory food. Asparagus is also known to help with liver drainage, which is a very good thing. I often talk to my clients about the importance of drainage.



This fabulous green leafy veggie provides us with plenty of nutrients and also helps flush out the kidneys. It’s packed with antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties as well.



Broccoli certainly packs a nutritional punch. During a detox it specifically works with the enzymes in your liver to turn toxins into something more neutral that your body can easily eliminate.



One main benefit is that it can lower your cholesterol. According to “cabbage can provide you with some special cholesterol-lowering benefits if you will cook it by steaming. The fiber-related components in cabbage do a better job of binding together with bile acids in your digestive tract when they’ve been steamed. When this binding process takes place, it’s easier for bile acids to be excreted, and the result is a lowering of your cholesterol levels. Raw cabbage still has cholesterol-lowering ability, just not as much as steamed cabbage”.



Ginger is a root whose medicinal value dates back to ancient Chinese civilizations. It’s often used in a tea to help boost your immune system, and you can add it to your meals to add incredible flavor. Ginger is also thought to help the liver function better.



Grapefruits pack a nice detox punch and can really get your body into action as far as the detoxing process goes. The effects of grapefruit on weight loss are well-established and one reason may be because of the way it helps the liver burn up fat.


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