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Sharon Wright, Holistic Nutritionist

Let’s Talk About Food

We have to eat to survive, there’s not a whole lot of debate there!

Nutrition – food – is the only thing that will give your body’s cells, organs, systems the precious resources and energy they need to function and perform their special tasks.

How you feel and your level of health is an absolute reflection of the food choices you’ve made over months, years.

You. Are. What. You. Eat.

Food tastes wonderful, makes us feel full and gives us energy. Though for some people certain foods will make them feel downright terrible, cause tummy upset, bloating and pain. Many people are gaining weight even though they are eating healthy. How? Why? As your nutrition expert, I’m the person that sifts through all of the information and makes sense of it. I debunk myths and keep a weary eye on the latest trends.

My passion is to help people better understand food, so they can choose foods that will make them feel happier, healthier with a stronger body and fend off illness and dis-ease.

Ready To Begin

I invite you to sit at the table with me to talk all about food and nutrition. I’ve got some terrific options for you to do just that!

  • Nutrition Series

My highest recommendation! The Series gives us 4 sessions together, usually booked about every 2 weeks. I’ve found that this gives my clients the best chance to make real and lasting changes. It’s structured yet flexible, and allows us to work at your pace while keeping you moving towards your target.

  • Nutrition Consult

Always a fabulous option. This is a 60-minute appointment, for when you need guidance and your burning nutrition questions answered. Book a Consult to stay on track after completing the Series or to address short-term goal or issue that has popped up.

A Consult is also ideal for first time you & I work together, as an introductory session. You’ll get started as we decide what level of support you need to reach your goals.

Nutrition Series

  • package deal
  • four 1-hour sessions
  • commitment, guidance
  • structured, booked regularly

Nutrition Consult

  • single appointment
  • 60 minutes
  • informative, supportive
  • flexible, booked as needed
  • Nutrition Mini Program

Get information, get started! To start making powerful changes right away, I offer a complimentary, no-strings-attached, personalized Nutrition Mini Program.

When it comes to improving your nutrition, more often than not the best place to start is to gain an understanding of how much food you need in a day. What should your calorie intake be? However, as not all calories are made the same.

I believe the ideal next step in this journey is to understand how much of the food on your plate should go towards the fuel/energy sources (carbohydrates) and how much should be allocated to the building blocks (protein, healthy fats).

This powerful information provides you with a basic tem-plate in which you’ll plug beautiful, tasty foods in to.

You’ll also receive health tips, new recipes and updates on products and services.

Generate Mini Program

Rejuvenate Your Body
… In Just 7 Days

Boost Energy 
Lose Weight
Recharge Health

See if my complete, at home, DIY Program is right for you…

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