Probiotic Amazingness!

When it comes to getting your gut to work better, I always always always recommend kefir over yogurt.


“A University of Florida microbiology class has been studying the beneficial probiotics in kefir and coming to some shocking results.

The professor of the class is described as an avid kefir drinker.

The class has been testing kefir from Glades Ridge Goat Dairy, says owner of the dairy Greg Yurish. Further findings are still under investigation seeking out individual strains, however, preliminary results show 10 billion CFU (colony forming units) per ml.

That is not a misprint, 10 billion colony forming units per milliliter is equal to 10 billion CFU per 0.03381 ounces. Since there are roughly 5 milliliters in one measured teaspoon that makes 50 billion colony forming units per teaspoon, 150 billion colony forming units per tablespoon.” (Emphasis added.)


Now THAT is amazing!


By the way, commercial yogurt = 2 strains naturally occurring, plus what they add at the time of packaging. Click here to read more.



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