Spring And The Liver In Traditional Chinese Medicine

In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) every season is associated with a specific energy. As the seasons change, shifts can also be seen in our bodies. As Calgary fully embraces spring, we shift into the time of the Liver. The Liver is responsible for maintaining the free-flow of Qi. If there is an imbalance in this system, with the arrival of spring you may experience an increase in irritability, anger, a busy mind that won’t turn off or headaches. Digestion problems such as a change in stools, gas or acid reflux may also occur.


3 Tips For Helping To Balance Your Liver In The Spring

  1. Chill out… especially outdoors. Take a long walk or go for a slow bike ride to help break out of your winter routines. Engaging in gentle activities in the spring keeps your Liver Qi moving smoothly, helps balance your emotions and reduces stress.
  2. Acupressure on Liver 3 daily can help balance your Liver channel. The acupoint is on top of each foot, between the big and 2nd toe. If it’s a bit achy, you’re in the right spot. Apply firm, even pressure for 1-2 minutes with your finger or even the heel of your other foot.
  3. Here are some foods you can work into your diet to help support the Liver: dandelion greens, fennel, black sesame seeds, eggplant, or blackberries. The “taste” of the Liver is sour so including vinegar or sour foods in your diet can also be helpful. Spring is also a good time to reduce your alcohol intake to literally give your liver a rest.

Kendra Heck, R.Ac

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