The Weather Outside is Frightful

Successfully Navigate The Buffet

Take The Edge Off

First of all, don’t skip meals on the day of the big party. Treat yourself to a healthy breakfast and lunch. If you eat too light during the day or skip a meal, you’ll know your at a calorie deficit and falsely think you can compensate for it. That is the quickest way to set yourself up for failure. Remember, when you are not feeling hungry you have more control.

Eat a snack before you go to the party so you don’t arrive hungry. When it comes time to eat, let your eyes feast first. See what is being served. Enjoy it visually. If there is a salad, veggies or seafood, start with one (or all!) of those. Take the edge off.


Saunter Up, Be The Last Person In Line

This survival tip works particularly well! You see, once everyone else has picked through the food it will look less appetizing, so you’ll naturally want to put less on your plate. Awesome!

By contrast, if you’re first up, you’ll most likely be finished eating by the time the last person makes there way through, and that in itself will make you more inclined to go back for a second helping. If you were the last person to the buffet and want to go for seconds, there’s usually not much left.


It’s Not A Return Flight, Make It A One-Way Trip

Make only one trip through the buffet ad be ultra-selective with your food choices, fill your plate wisely. Turkey and veggies have never made anyone fat! So be generous here. Be a scrooge when it comes to the mashed potatoes, pasta dishes, gravy and sauces. Take your plate back to your table and enjoy calorie-free conversation with friends or coworkers. Don’t let the thought of going back for more even cross your mind.


About the Author:

Hello! I'm Sharon Wright... Nutrition & Wellness Expert in Calgary, Canada. My passion is helping you feel better. With great foods and healthy habits I can help you find the energy and happiness for work, life and play.