My Top 8 Detox Mistakes

This is my top 8 worst detox mistakes that you could make. Ever!


80 Percent Effort

Committing to a detox means you have made your body a priority. Therefore, having just one bite or taking the weekend off will not cut it. Make time for your program, prepare well and schedule social events accordingly. Make time for you. You’re worth it!


Binge Eating Before

It is not a good idea to have one last meal that’s going to be full of bad or unhealthy foods, or dive into a pile of sugar just before you start a detox program. This will set you up for failure. Detoxing does not have to be an awful, painful process or feel like it’s a sacrifice. Instead, get excited and get ready to enjoy the process of allowing your body slow down and repair.


Splurging When Your Done

When you’ve finished your program, keep on enjoying the new habits and foods. Let it last! Ease your system back into a healthy eating routine. Don’t let old habits creep back in, especially the ones that don’t serve you well.


Relying On Laxatives

Using laxatives for more than a few days can promote dependency. And worse, can lead to dehydration, irritable bowel syndrome, kidney and liver problems. None of that is good in my books.


Not Choosing Organic

There are a number foods at the top of the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) most contaminated produce list, thanks to the pesticides that are used on them that are linked to cancer and reproductive damage. These pesticides are so evil that they’re banned in Europe! If you feel like organic is too expensive, then at the very least follow EWG’s advice and never buy foods on the Dirty Dozen List unless they are organic.


Start A Crazy Exercise Routine

When you start your detox you’ll want to be careful not to over-exercise. When our body detoxes, the major organs are working very hard. It’s not going to add any benefit to put your body under extra physical stress when it’s already under a lot of pressure. Instead go for a walk, stretch, do some yoga…


Taking Cheap Vitamins

When it comes to supplements, always be careful and read the ingredients label. Poor quality brands are full of GMOs, heavy metals, use cheap ingredients, contain fillers… or worse. When it comes to supplements you will get what you pay for; so if you choose to take supplements, treat yourself well by choosing well. And for goodness sake don’t get caught up in a marketing hype! Always consider if you really need to take something, or does it just sound good?


Trying Weight Loss Supplements

Supplements targeting weight loss will almost always contain some sort of stimulant, which makes them pretty risky. Furthermore, many key ingredients and additives used in them have been associated with some serious side effects, such as nausea, vomiting, insomnia, high blood pressure, heart issues and even death. Is it really worth it? Nooo….


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