Truth About Detoxing: 4 Biggest Myths Debunked

Thanks to much of what we hear in the media, detoxing has earned a reputation for being unhealthy and even unsafe. When you hear the word ‘detox’, do you immediately think of all-liquid diets, expensive supplements and short-term deprivation for short-term gain?!?


The truth is that a detox doesn’t have to involve any of the above. If you detox in a healthy, supportive manner you can achieve lasting results in weight loss, energy gain and full-body health.


Here are the 4 biggest myths you may have heard about detoxing. Understandably, these myths may cause you to be hesitant to try a detox. Keep reading to find out the truth behind these myths and why detoxing might be just what your body is craving.



Myth # 1  |  You won’t enjoy anything you’re eating while on a detox

While you might have to eliminate certain foods that you enjoy, detoxing isn’t all about eating lettuce with a drizzle of olive oil. There are many delicious recipes that can be prepared using healthy ingredients that not only taste amazing, but nourish and detox your body! The best part is, many of them don’t involve any fancy ingredients and can be prepared even by a cooking novice. In fact, you could very likely discover new foods and recipes that you’ll love and become staples in your diet long after the detox ends.


Myth #2  |  You’ll constantly be hungry while detoxing

While you might end up consuming fewer calories while following a detox, you shouldn’t feel deprived or hungry. Going on an extremely low-calorie diet can actually disrupt your hormones and metabolism, making your body less efficient in the long run. Everyone’s caloric needs are different, so a detox should never dictate how many calories you consume. By consuming whole foods that provide you with the right nutrients, you help detox your body while feeling satisfied.


Myth #3  |  You need to do an all-liquid detox to remove toxins from your body

Liquid-only detoxes have had more than their fair share of popularity. These types of detoxes can backfire. Not only do people often gain the weight back as soon as the detox ends, but such restrictive eating for several days can be detrimental to your health if you have not prepared for it or if not done properly. An effective detox will include a variety of whole foods to help nourish your body and produce long-term results.


Myth #4  |  Detoxes are just a way for people to make money on expensive supplements

Supplements involved in a detox should be just that, a supplementary part of the program, not the primary source of your nutrition.  While on a detox, you should get most of your vitamins and minerals from whole food sources. Supplements absolutely can be used to help your body make the most of the nutrients it receives from these foods.  For example, by including a good quality probiotic supplement will help your body produce vitamins, absorb minerals and remove toxins from the body.


Aside from the benefits discussed above, detoxing is an incredibly effective way to identify if you have any food sensitivities, balance your hormones, and establish healthy habits for the long term. It is possible to lose weight and keep it off, see your energy level skyrocket, skin clear up and even allergies disappear!


About the Author:

Hello! I'm Sharon Wright... Nutrition & Wellness Expert in Calgary, Canada. My passion is helping you feel better. With great foods and healthy habits I can help you find the energy and happiness for work, life and play.