Wheat And Me 2.0

I’m thrilled to tell you that I’ve started working with a lab. As a result of this, I can order a tests for my clients to assess their nutritional status. Very exciting! One of these tests looks at food intolerances, another looks at mineral levels.

Well, I have to try it for myself… right!?! Right.

A few weeks ago I shared my story with my experience of eating more wheat and wheat-containing foods over the holidays. So this ties into that blog.

My food intolerance test results show that I do have a high reaction to wheat. I know this to be the case and it’s not that I needed a test for proof. Having said that it was powerful to see the result on paper, it was affirmation to what I already knew. Beyond that helped me understand the other foods that were creating a reaction when I ate them, such as ginger. I absolutely love ginger, though I’ve suspected it being the culprit in tummy discomfort in the past. That ingredient is a harder one to sort out and the test helped bring it to light.



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