Wheat And Me

It was a couple of years ago now when I first noticed a lump in my neck, it turned out that I have a couple of large nodules on my thyroid – benign, thank The Maker. After running some tests and was told that I had an autoimmune condition, that was the root cause. Wow, that came out of left field.


Okay! Let’s get on it. I needed to learn more, this was fairly new to me and absolutely became priority. The research began and part of that journey was a trip to Toronto and an intense course on the natural approaches to autoimmune conditions. There were options I could try before resorting to meds or having them remove my lovely thyroid, of which neither option seemed all that appealing.


I’ve always know that gut health played a massive part in our overall health, and that’s no different when it comes to autoimmune. I had direction! My plan included a super strict nutrition program, biofeedback, vitamins and a few targeted supplements. My hard work paid off, my tests all came back negative and my endocrine doc essentially fired me (in a good way that is). Dance of joy!


When I was on my  strict nutrition plan, eliminating any foods – healthy or otherwise – that would irritate the gut lining was paramount. Gluten was one of those things I avoided.  I now know that I feel far better when I limit the gluten foods. I’m able to tolerate a bit  here and there and not have it disrupt digestion. Much.


Christmastime for me, like most of us, is a time to let down your guard and enjoy the special and traditional foods of the season. I did enjoy the foods! And wheat made it’s way in, every day. (Kinda sounds like it was completely out of my control hey?!?)


Well. After 2 days I felt heavy and full, though still felt like I wanted to eat. Like eating would help the feeling go away (which it didn’t). A few days in a row and my tummy is puffing out, the waistband on my jeans felt tight. The unpleasant GI symptoms started around then (I’ll spare the details). Even my moods didn’t feel right. The biggest shock was that after the holidays I weight myself and the scale went up almost 10 lbs! Come on, I know I didn’t eat that much extra food!!


Last Saturday was the final straw and the only choice I wanted to make was was to go back to the way I normally eat and keep the wheat out. It’s been about a week wheat-free and the scale is just slightly up from my pre-holiday weight (expected). I feel almost entirely back to normal, and know the rest will come with just a little more time.


Not everyone is effected by wheat as I am, and for some people its far worse. If you have embarrassing and unpleasant GI symptoms, feel bloated or like I did in my story, do a test! Cut out wheat-containing foods for about a week and see if you feel better.


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