So, Why Protein Anyway?

Why do I put emphasis on including protein as part of your healthy nutrition plan? Because it is protein that…

  • enables vitamins and minerals to perform their jobs properly
  • is required for tissue growth and repair; forming internal organs, muscles, connective tissues (ligaments, tendons), skin, hair and nails
  • is a key component of hormones and enzymes which regulate all body processes, and a key component of our immune system particularly for the formation of antibodies; and
  • is the structural basis of chromosomes (genetic coding); hemoglobin (component of blood) is a protein.

Protein foods fall into two categories… they are considered either complete, or incomplete. ‘Complete’ means that all 9 of the essential amino acids are present. ‘Amino acids’ are what the basic chemical building blocks of protein is called; ‘essential’ means that we cannot make them from other compounds, we must take them in as food.

All animal-sourced proteins are complete – the meats, poultry, eggs, fish, seafoods and dairy products. In addition, there are certain plant-based foods that are a complete proteins.

Meats Poultry Fish Seafood Vegetarian
Bacon Chicken, thigh Cod Clams Amaranth
Beef Chicken, breast Flounder Crab Buckwheat
Bison Chicken, legs Halibut Lobster Cheese, cottage
Boar Duck Herring Mussels Cheeses
Buffalo Eggs Mackerel Oysters Edamame
Deer Goose Mahi mahi Prawns Hemp seeds
Elk Ostrich Salmon Scallops Milk, cow
Goat Pheasant Sardines Shrimp Milk, soy
Ham Quail Sea bass Snails Miso
Lamb Turkey Snapper   Protein powders
Moose   Swordfish   Soy foods
Pork   Tilapia   Soybeans
Veal   Trout   Spirulina
    Tuna   Tempeh
    Whitefish   Tofu
* this list isn’t to be considered all-inclusive

Conversely, incomplete proteins can be combined in order to create a complete protein meal, as is done with a rice and beans dish. This is a separate topic of discussion…

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