Yogurt, Just Creamy Junkfood?

Yogurt, made the traditional way, is one of the best health foods Nature has given us.

Unfortunately mass production by the big food companies have managed to sadly turn this health food into junk food. Many yogurt products on the shelves today are touted as healthy, though the list of ingredients gives us a very different picture. Many bands contain evil artificial sweeteners or high doses of sugar and high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, synthetic preservatives and thickeners such as carrageenan. These yogurts are really now a creamy junk food masquerading as health food. Eeeak!!

Julie Wilson for Natural News writes “While many have become diligent at reading labels and checking ingredients, there are some foods out there that are cleverly marketed as “healthy” but are anything but. Sometimes these products need to be examined more closely for harmful ingredients.

One product to watch out for is yogurt…

Advertisers market yogurt as a quick, low-calorie, healthy snack, even labeling it with a seal that reads “Live and Active Cultures.” This is meant to fool customers into believing that it provides a high level of healthy microorganisms, or probiotics.

The “Live and Active Cultures” seal is used only on products made by popular brands like General Mills or Groupe Danone. Interestingly, organic companies don’t use this seal at all.

Tests done by the Cornucopia Institute, an organic watchdog group that promotes family-scale farming, showed that many farmstead organic yogurt products without the “Live and Active Culture” seal actually contain higher amounts of probiotics than conventional yogurt.

When you study the ingredients in “conventional” yogurt, you’ll find that it’s made from milk produced by a cow that’s been confined to one space its whole life, pumped with antibiotics and hormones, and fed GMO grain. Ingredients can also include artificial sweeteners, chemical defoamers, processed sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, synthetic preservatives and the controversial thickener carrageenan…

If possible, try to stick to items made by smaller companies interested in providing a healthy product through practices that often give back to the environment, rather than buying food filled with chemicals and packaged with lies.”

Have a little fun and see how your favorite yogurt ranks in Cornicopia Institute’s Yogurt Buyer’s Guide. Please keep in mind this is an American, not Canadian, site and as such you may not recognize all the brands. That’s okay, you’ll still get the idea.

Here’s the link: http://cornucopia.org/yogurt-scorecard/


Photo Credit: authoritynutrition.com



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